Impeachment. And so it begins. On Tuesday, faced with growing evidence that Trump had used the power to his office to try to strong-arm the Ukrainian president into providing dirt on Joe Biden and his family, Speaker Pelosi announced the

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The Fundamental Racism of Donald J. Trump

When Trump came into office some on the left consoled themselves by saying that he was nothing but an opportunist, one lacking core values and thus uncommitted to any particular political ideology or belief system. Sure, he had viciously stirred

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So This Is How Democracy Dies

For the past two and a half years, I have been obsessed with the question of what a truly extra-legal Trump presidency would look like. The man has, from the get-go shown nothing but contempt for the constitutional order. He

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Now is the Time of Monsters

Now is the Time of Monsters Earlier this week, reports surfaced that at the start of the year Trump’s inner circle pushed for the mass, and rapid, deportations of families.  The more the details emerge, the more hair-raising the scenario.

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