Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass. There is, these days, an ever more hallucinatory quality to politics. The most powerful man on earth flies to London to a NATO summit, and spends half his time in very public spats with the Canadian

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Flap and Doodle. Balder and Dash.

Flap and doodle. Balder and Dash. Every so often, when I need to remind myself that there have been other brutally corrupt, know-nothing moments in American history, and other leaders who exhibit at least some of the same personality traits

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Impeachment Chronicles 3

Impeachment Chronicles 3 This is the week that, generations from now, historians will cite as the pivot point; the moment when everything became blindingly clear and the choices increasingly binary. Trump survives, the constitution doesn’t. Trump is finally destroyed by

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Impeachment Chronicles 2

Impeachment Chronicles 2 “When falls the Coliseum, Rome shall fall; and when Rome falls – the world.” So wrote Lord Byron, describing the notion of an impossibly apocalyptic event, the collapse of a hyperpower whose survival anchored all surrounding global

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