The site has now been in existence nearly a year, and, as you all know, during that time there has been no shortage of things to write about. On a daily basis, events are unfolding that boggle the mind, that leave anyone with a social conscience reeling at the sheer cruelty and irrationality of governance in the Trump era. Kids in cages. Refugees turned away. Asylum seekers bottled up in camps in Mexico. Hate groups on the march. Political rallies that look like nothing so much as Nuremberg-styled Fascist gatherings. Bans on people based on their religion. Tariffs imposed on countries via twitter announcement at the morning-whim of an unstable leader. Assassinations formalized as part of government policy. The invitation of overseas governments to interfere in American elections – and the signing off on that practice by a Senate that no longer sees any political purpose in reining in a lawless presidency.

When I began this weekly column, I had recently ended my regular contribution of opinion pieces to the Sunday edition of the Sacramento Bee and I was searching for new venues in which to publish my works and thoughts on the Trump administration and the cultural/political dangers that it represented. Since then, however, I have begun a twice-weekly column for the Nation magazine – for those of you who aren’t already reading this, the column is entitled Signal:Noise and aims to separate out important stuff from the clutter, giving readers an easy-to-digest summary of vital goings on that might otherwise sneak by under the radar. And I am also now writing opinion pieces on a regular basis for 

Between these two publications, I have the opportunity to write on the ongoing attacks on immigrants communities; to explore the evisceration of environmental protections; to chronicle the growing assault on the social safety net – from cuts to food stamps to the block-granting of Medicaid; to chart Trump’s embrace of war criminals and his efforts to demonize the free press; to explore the implications of an America First ideology that shuns alliances and embraces authoritarianism; and to explore the implications of the GOP’s slide towards a cultist embrace of an imperial presidency that accepts no legal limits on its powers.

All by way of saying that, as the election approaches, I find that these and other commitments are filling my time and then some. This, unfortunately, makes it increasingly difficult to post regularly on The Abramsky Report.

As a result, the site is changing its format. Going forward, it will no longer be subscription-based. I will still post articles, but on a more irregular basis. All articles (past, present and future) will be publicly available, at no cost, to all readers. Because there will no longer be log-in functions on the website, there will also be no ongoing list of subscribers. What this means is that when an article is posted, the website will no longer send you a notice telling you to look at the site.

Instead, my articles will be publicized via Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Please follow me/friend me on these sites to keep updated on The Abramsky Report postings.

To all of you who share my horror at what is unfolding in Trump’s America, remember that all that is solid will one day melt into air. What seems a permanent state of affairs one day is eventually cast onto the trash-heap of history. Trumpism too will one day pass. Our challenge is to ensure that, when it does, we replace it with a kinder, calmer, more rational, more universalist vision of government, of community, of humanity.

In solidarity,

Sasha Abramsky.

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