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A Particularly Authoritarian Week

Earlier this week, the UK’s ambassador to the United States, Kim Darroch, was forced to resign after Trump turned on him for his honest appraisals of the U.S. administration. In private cables back to London, Darroch had judged Trump to be inept and insecure, his team riven by factionalism, his presidency fairly likely to end in Trump’s being disgraced – presumably, diplomat-speak for him being impeached and subsequently charged with a range of felony crimes. For diplomacy to work, diplomats obviously have a duty to meet with political figures they may find personally distasteful; but they at the same time…...

Taking Stock

I have been taking a deep breath this past week, trekking in the mountains and glacier fields of Central Norway. I have been trying to find that inner balance, that calmness in my soul, that, in recent years, I have found increasingly hard to access in a United States that is busy cannibalizing itself. Everything is more peaceful here – and not just because I am with my children, having an adventure far from home; not just, too, because I do not speak or read the local language and thus am somewhat removed from the tug and pull of daily…...

The Lessons of Milgram

Earlier this week, in a series of tweets and campaign rally speeches, Trump teased the prospect of mass ICE roundups of immigrant families in the interior of the United States over the coming weeks and months. “Millions” of people would be arrested and swiftly deported, he promised. It was the language of the iron fist, the steel boot cap. Due process be damned, the forces of the state were about to be truly unleashed. Like with so much else that Trump says, at least some of this is sheer bluster.  Unless ICE and the other DHS agencies have been on…...

The Next Election Might Come Down To The Razor Wire

I have been reading, this week, one of the volumes on ancient Rome written by the great nineteenth century German historian Theodor Mommsen. He has been explaining to me the era of Sulla, a military strongman who usurped powers traditionally resting with the tribune, the senate and other long-standing institutions of governance; proscribed – and put bounties on the heads of – his enemies; and set in motion a train of chaotic, bloody, political events and civil conflicts that a generation later would see the Republic ‘morph into imperial rule. Mommsen explored the corroded political and cultural environment in which…...

A Little About Me

I launched The Abramsky Report after more than two decades as a freelance newspaper and magazine journalist and columnist, and regular feature writer for The Nation magazine. 
My eight books include The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives, a New York Times Notable Book of 2013; The House of Twenty Thousand Books, a Kirkus Best Nonfiction Book of 2015; and, most recently, Jumping at Shadows: The Triumph of Fear and the End of the American Dream.

What People Say

Sasha Abramsky is a treasure of American journalism. He follows the story wherever it leads, from border Samaritans to Chicago neuroscientists. His compassion and intelligence help to place the triumph of fear alongside its systematic causes in inequality and racism. It makes for compelling, urgent reading.
Raj Patel
Best selling author of 'The Value of Nothing'
Abramsky’s argument feels simultaneously complex and familiar: constant sensationalism via social media and selective journalism of the Fox News variety has overwhelmed rationality within society. “Our anxieties and terrors were being nurtured by people and institutions who stood to make a buck out of those fears,” he writes. “In the campaign for the US presidency in 2016, those fears were nurtured as never before.” This American tendency to make fundamental decisions “with worst-case-scenarios as a psychic backdrop” is creating a more oppressive society, particularly for the poor and people of color, while corporate or criminal interests may profit.
Kirkus Review


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